Executive Director Message

Message from the Executive Director


As we reflect on the past year, we feel great pride and confidence in the Darien YMCA.  For almost sixty years, the Y has stood for something more than just being a gym and a pool. In fact, we have been one of the most effective and enduring charitable organizations in Darien.

In 2015, the Y provided over $1,300,000 in financial assistance, community services and programs for children with special needs.  The budget, however is just a fraction of what it takes to impact the lives of the over 10,000 men, women and children whom we serve each year. It also takes a strong and dedicated board of directors, an efficient, well-maintained facility, and a caring and generous team of professional staff.  Put together, our actions tell everyone who experiences the Y: your development matters, and we are committed to improving your potential. All are welcome here.

Officially, we are proud to report that the Darien YMCA Gymnastics team captured the 2015 National Gymnastics Championship title in Wichita last summer. The Y’s extensive basketball program, serving over 1,700 individuals, is the largest program in Fairfield county, and the Piranha Swim team continues to excel in both regional and national competitions.  Holly Pond Nursery School delivers the highest quality preschool education in town, and the Y also offers the only after school child care program in Darien.   In 2015 our hardworking Fitness Department helped launch the first Y Games: Team Charity Challenge fundraiser, raising over $25,000.  Finally, we continue to support and nurture our relationship with the Sioux YMCA – the only Y in the country located on an American Indian reservation, serving underprivileged Lakota Sioux children.

Graham Foster is retiring from his position as Board president after serving in that role for the past three years.  That makes seven years that the Y has benefited from Graham’s able leadership, and on behalf of the board of directors, I want to thank him for his contributions to the success of the Darien YMCA.  I’m also looking forward to working with our incoming Board president, Mark Mirabile who has extensive Y experience, bringing many skills to this position.

Now, more than ever, the Y is positioned to help us focus on the important things in life: children, family, community and healthy living for all. We know that our best days are still to come, and we look forward to taking that journey together.


Pat Morrissey
Executive Director