Move Smarter Workshop

A functional training workshop to prepare your body to move better!

Do you like the idea of spending time doing mobility and breathing drills? Do you feel you are not progressing as much as you would like in your workouts? Do you often feel like you are on the verge of an injury? Do you want to learn and be more engaged during your workouts?

Then you need to MOVE SMARTER! This workshop will focus on mobility and the specifics of form in relation to how it affects both optimal gains from each exercise, as well as protection of our most accident-prone areas. Think quality of movement over quantity of exercises. Participants will endure a challenging workout while also caring for the body in a more conscious way. Participants will come out stronger and more aware of their movement.

Registration is open online or at the Front Desk of the Darien YMCA.

Instructor: Maria Amendolia
When: Mondays at 8:30 am
Session Dates: March 4 – May 13 10 Sessions total. No session held on April 15 due to school break.
Fee: Members: $350 / Non-Members: $450