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Practice Updates 
Sunday 24NO early morning practice. It was on Saturday.
Monday Sept 25Senior training group 4:15-6:15p.
Wednesday Sept 27Senior training group 4:15-6:15p.
Wednesday Oct 4Senior training group 4:15-6:15p.

Please note that when the Piranhas have a meet scheduled on Saturdays practices that morning are cancelled for the swimmers who are eligible for the meet unless otherwise stated.  Sometimes we are able to run a Maia, Zoomers and/or House practice.  


Registration links were sent via email 7/19.  Please contact Mary McCarthy if you expected an email and did not receive one.   ALL registrations must be received by Aug 25th to secure a spot on the team.  After that date, new swimmers will be offered a spot on the team.

Tuesday September 26th PARENT MEETING WITH HEAD COACH HENK JANSEN, 6 – 7 PM IN THE Y COMMUNITY ROOM.  Bring your questions and get some answers about the Piranha swim program.  See you there!

The Piranha Handbook describes in great detail the policies and procedures of the Piranha Swim Team.  ALL PARENTS MUST sign the last page and return to Henk or Mary.  Please do so sooner rather than later. 


2017-18 Winter Schedule Sept-Mar UPDATED 9/14
– Nautilus Wednesdays changed to 6:00-7:00p
– Neptune Saturdays now starts at 9:45a

 2017-18 Winter Meet ScheduleUPDATED 9/19


Coach’s Corner:
A weekly article from the brain of Head Coach Henk Jansen.

Coaches choose events for all swimmers.  Parents should check the entry as soon as it is posted and definitely way before you plan on attending to make sure you swimmer is entered.  Many times parents think they signed up, but in fact did not.  It happens every season.  Once the entry is sent parents are responsible for meet entry fees and seldom can we update to add swimmers.

Parents on deck and in Team area:
Please note parents ARE NOT ALLOWED on deck at swim meets unless you are a volunteer timer.   Once you drop off your swimmer to the Team you must then proceed to the designated spectator area.  Every meet has one.  Even if the the spectator area is on deck, like our pool, parents are still not allowed in the designated Team area, even parent timers.  Only coaches, officials and swimmers are allowed in the Team area at USA and YMCA swim meets.  This is a strict USA Swimming and YMCA Swimming policy. 

Scratching and arriving late the day of a meet:
Please note:  at meets coaches MUST hand in a scratch sheet (more about the scratch procedure can be found in the Team handbook, page 15-16) usually about 15 minutes after the first warm-up begins regardless of which warm-up wave we are assigned.  Once these scratch sheets are handed in, no changes are allowed.  If you are running late and your swimmer is SCRATCHED there is little to NO hope of getting your child back in the meet.  You must get word to coaches that you are running late.  Also, we would like to know if you are not attending so we are not guessing.  Emergency numbers are usually listed with every meet write-up but are not always reliable.  The best way to get in touch with a coach the day of a meet is to get the cell of another swimmer attending  prior to that meet and relay a message about attendance to the coaches.  You can also email Henk or LizThey will check their emails as long as there is cell service (we will not send a response FYI.)

Outdoor meet tips:
Always be prepared for anything! Must haves for an outdoor meet include:  chairs, plenty of warm, dry clothes, extra towels, a blanket, sunscreen and plenty of water to drink. The pool is heated, but in the morning (especially) it will be chilly once the swimmers hop out of the water.  Also, unless there is thunder and/or lightening, none will be cancelled.




Coming Soon.


Piranhas at the Soundtigers, November 11th!  Don’t wait – order your tickets on-line.  More info at Darien Piranhas & Sound Tigers 2017 – please note there is an additional “on-line convenience” charge when you check out. 

Khrystos Yika-Nacarino Saves Boater
A great article about Piranha Khrystos Yika-Nacarino jumping into action to save a boater.  It goes without saying that the Piranha coaches and the entire Piranha family are very proud of you, Khrystos!  Article starts on the bottom right of page 1 and continues on page 9. 

Darien YMCA Phone App
For those of you who may not know, the Darien YMCA has its own Phone App.  This App is good for YMCA related schedules, closures and class changes, and you can even upload you membership card!  Please be advised that Piranha Swim Team related changes will  NOT be posted to the App.

New and Re-certification for Stroke & Turn for USA Officials
Clinics will be posted as they become available.

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Signs and symptoms of concussions for athletes and parents/guardians
Concussion information for all coaches, swimmers and parents.

Olympians  2017!!