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Practice Updates 
Mon 1/15Regular practice schedule
Fri 1/19Due to a TOPS event the following changes to practice have been made, Poseidon and Neptune practice 6:30-7:30p.

Please note that when the Piranhas have a meet scheduled on Saturdays practices that morning are cancelled for the swimmers who are eligible for the meet unless otherwise stated.  Sometimes we are able to run a Maia and/or House practice.


2017-18 Winter Schedule Sept-Mar UPDATED 9/14 

2017-18 Winter Meet Schedule hardcopy – UPDATED 9/19
 – Meet schedule page is updated

Coaches choose events for all swimmers.  Parents should check the entry as soon as it is posted and definitely way before you plan on attending to make sure you swimmer is entered.  Many times parents think they signed up, but in fact did not.  It happens every season.  Once the entry is sent parents are responsible for meet entry fees and seldom can we update to add swimmers.

Parents on deck and in Team area:
Please note parents ARE NOT ALLOWED on deck at swim meets unless you are a volunteer timer.   Once you drop off your swimmer to the Team you must then proceed to the designated spectator area.  Every meet has one.  Even if the spectator area is on deck, like our pool, parents are still not allowed in the designated Team area, even parent timers.  Only coaches, officials and swimmers are allowed in the Team area at USA and YMCA swim meets.  This is a strict USA Swimming and YMCA Swimming policy. 

Warm-up Time
This is the time the Team is in the water. We would like swimmers on deck ready to go about 10 minutes before this time. It is very distracting when swimmers arrive late for warm-up. Not to mention a swimmer could be “scratched” from the meet. See below.

Scratching and arriving late the day of a meet:
Please note:  at meets coaches MUST hand in a scratch sheet (more about the scratch procedure can be found in the Team handbook, page 15-16) usually about 15 minutes after the first warm-up begins regardless of which warm-up wave we are assigned.  Once these scratch sheets are handed in, no changes are allowed.  If you are running late and your swimmer is SCRATCHED there is little to NO hope of getting your child back in the meet.  You must get word to coaches that you are running late.  Also, we would like to know if you are not attending so we are not guessing.  Emergency numbers are usually listed with every meet write-up but are not always reliable.  The best way to get in touch with a coach the day of a meet is to get the cell of another swimmer attending  prior to that meet and relay a message about attendance to the coaches.  You can also email Henk or LizThey will check their emails as long as there is cell service (we will not send a response FYI.)


WRAT 13/Over Pentathlon, 1/21 @ Westport YMCA
PARKING RULES: All parents MUST park at the Red Barn lot.  Kids can be dropped off in front of the Y.  There will be shuttle services to and from the parking lot.  Only cars with a handicapped sticker can park in the main lot. 
Spectator Seating: No sitting in the aisles.
Swimmer Seating: Bring chairs.  We may be seated in the gym upstairs. 

Attire: Blue Shirts, Yellow Caps
Warm-up 7:30a, Start 8:45a

Intrasquad #3 – Another win for Yellow, 167-156
Note from Henk:  I must say it has been a little while since I have been in the “trenches” at an Intrasquad Meet.  Wow, you do earn your keep at these meets 🙂 I didn’t get splits, I didn’t worry about time but I did get to see some great racing, great enthusiasm and had a blast!!   It was a fun and cool experience.  Heat winner prizes are on order so we will get those prizes to those kids who did not get theirs at the meet.  Lastly, thanks to all the kids and parents who helped with the meet and pizza party.

98 Piranha and House swimmers competed in the Blue vs Yellow Intra-squad meet #3. This meet included a Freestyle relay, as well as Free, Breaststroke and IM races.  After some exciting swimming, the Yellow team came out on top in a close one, 167 -156!
The Piranha swimmers have since been back in the pool working on perfecting stroke technique and training through some challenging sets. One aspect the coaches have been emphasizing this season is having fast transition turns in the IM races.  Transition turns are fly to back, back to breast, and breast to free turns a swimmer must utilize while swimming an individual medley race.
Event winners are as follows:  Penny Vanovitch took first place in 25 Free. Colby Comfort placed first in 25 Free and 25 Breast. Michael Frankowski placed first in both 50 Free and 50 Breast. Emerson Langeveld placed first in 50 Free. Sebastian Raz-Guzman placed first in 50 Free and 50 Breast. Lily Voigt placed first in 50 Free. Denis Proskuryakov placed first in 100 Free and 100 I.M.  Maryan Guzman placed first in 100 IM and 100 Free. Maria Gardner placed first in 25 Breast. Salma Thomas placed first in 50 Breast. Brianna Zhang placed first in 50 Breast.
Congratulations to all the swimmers who competed, and a big thank you to the parents who helped with the meet and the pizza party!

SMST 8-12 Year Old Meet @ Masuk High School Monroe, 1/6-1/7
WOW!!!  The Piranha 12/unders came to race!!!  They started the new year with an awesome display of effort and fast swimming, especially the 8’s who swam some longer distances for the first time.  Great effort, and great job everyone.  Thanks as always to our great officials and volunteers.  You guys rock, too!  Results and write-up coming soon.


January 21 – 13/O WRAT Pentathlon @ Westport YMCA – Open to all 13/Over Piranhas – Entry 

January 27-28 – 9-12 year old Y-States @ Cheshire – Open to all 9-12 year old Piranhas – Entry

February 1 – GYWD One Stop Qualifier @ Greenwich – Open to Sr, Jr I, Jr II, Neptune, Poseidon Piranhas – Entry

February 2 – 3 –  CPAC Age Group qualifier @ Chelsea Piers, 8/Over Piranhas – Entry

February 4 – 8/Under Y States @ New Milford – Open to 8/under Piranhas – sign up deadline 1/19 GOOGLE DOC

March 2-4 – CT Regional Championships @ New Canaan, Greenwich or New Haven – sign up deadline 2/15 GOOGLE DOC

March 23 – 25 – Regional Y All Star Championships – Open to 7/Over Piranhas – sign up deadline 2/28 GOOGLE DOC

The Piranha Handbook describes in great detail the policies and procedures of the Piranha Swim Team.  ALL PARENTS MUST sign the last page and return to Henk or Mary.  Please do so sooner rather than later.

How do I find meet information?
What is the Piranha Database?
How do I sign up for a meet?
How do I know which day of a meet my swimmer is competing?

Leaderboard for each Group
Maia – Jasmine Su – 94

Nautilus – Maks Shemiako – 166
Poseidon – Tishan Wu – 184
Neptune – Michael Frankowski – 260
In total the Piranhas swam over 450 miles!!  The kids did an awesome job.  I am sure they surprised the parents and themselves with this accomplishment.  The coaches couldn’t be more proud of our Team!!  Thanks to all parents, friends and family who came out to support the kids with their Challenge!!  Thank you to all the donors for your generous donations.  Prize winners will be notified via email.


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Coach’s Corner:
A weekly article from the brain of Head Coach Henk Jansen.

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PIRANHA TEAM DIRECTORY is available via email from Mary McCarthy in the Piranha office.  Please contact Mary for a directory.

Darien YMCA Phone App
For those of you who may not know, the Darien YMCA has its own Phone App.  This App is good for YMCA related schedules, closures and class changes, and you can even upload you membership card!  Please be advised that Piranha Swim Team related changes will  NOT be posted to the App.

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Signs and symptoms of concussions for athletes and parents/guardians
Concussion information for all coaches, swimmers and parents.