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Practice Updates 
Mon-Fri 3/20-3/25A March/April calendar is posted below with all changes for the remainder of the season.
Sat 3/25No practice for any group except Seniors 7-9am, and House swimmers 9-9:45

Please note that when the Piranhas have a meet scheduled on Saturdays practices that morning are cancelled for the swimmers who are eligible for the meet unless otherwise stated.  Sometimes we are able to run a Maia, Zoomers and/or House practice.  




Here are the final results of the Piranha Spirit Contest:
TOP 3 Talia Azous:  28, Nora Ashrifeh:  24, Salma Thomas:  24
Runners Up Sasha Intile:  15, Maryan Guzman:  15, Anna Carey:  14
Congratulations to all who participated – great effort!

Piranhas Spring Evaluation Clinic March 27-30, 4-4:45p
This clinic is a tryout for swimmers 7 years of age and older who wish to join the Piranha competitive Swim Team or the pre-competitive House program.  The clinic will take place a the Darien YMCA March 27-30th, 4:00-4:45p.  Swimmers should plan on attending all four days.  Registration will begin February 21st.  Swimmers should register during their respective Darien YMCA registration date.   For more information please visit the CLINIC PAGE or email Henk in the Piranha office.

Darien YMCA Phone App
For those of you who may not know, the Darien YMCA has it’s own Phone App.  This App is good for YMCA related schedules, closures and class changes, and you can even upload you membership card!  Please be advised that Piranha Swim Team related changes will  NOT be posted to the App.


General Meet Info:
Please do not be late for meets.  If you are running late, please get word to the coaches.  You can email Henk or Liz.  They can check emails if they have service.  This is not always the case.  You can try the emergency # listed, but that unfortunately isn’t always reliable, either.  The best option is to get the cell of someone attending the meet and relay word to the coaches.  If not, your swimmer will be scratched with no hope of getting back in the meet.  Lastly, please check the entry and make sure you are entered before making the trip. 

Scratching and arriving late the day of a meet
Please note:  at meets coaches MUST hand in a scratch sheet (more about the scratch procedure can be found in the Team handbook, page 15-16) usually about 15 minutes after the first warm-up begins regardless of which warm-up wave we are assigned.  Once these scratch sheets are handed in, no changes are allowed.  If you are running late and your swimmer is SCRATCHED there is little to NO hope of getting your child back in the meet.  You must get word to coaches that you are running late.  Also, we would like to know if you are not attending so we are not guessing.  Emergency numbers are usually listed with every meet write-up but are not always reliable.  The best way to get in touch with a coach the day of a meet is to get the cell of another swimmer attending  prior to that meet and relay a message about attendance to the coaches.  You can also email Henk or LizThey will check their emails as long as there is cell service (we will not send a response FYI.)

Northeast All-Star Meet, Wesleyan, 3/24-3/26
Freeman Athletic Center, 161 Cross Street, Middletown
PLEASE NOTESpectator Seating and Waiting areas – Personal folding chairs are not allowed in the building for swimmers or parents.   No spectators or swimmers will be permitted to congregate in the center of the front lobby of the Athletic Center.   No folding chairs are permitted in the pool area, hockey rink, or field house.  Seating in the spectator seats will be limited to 340.  Only individuals with disabilities that cannot access the stands will be permitted in the spectator viewing area (open space in front of the large window overlooking pool).  Please note THERE WILL BE A wristband procedure for the spectator area.  WE WILL MOST LIKELY NOT GET ENOUGH WRISTBANDS FOR EVERY FAMILY MEMEBER SO PLEASE TRAVEL LIGHT!!   Wristbands will be given to the coaches and we will hand out ONE per family at first and then see how many we have.  Those who time on Saturday and Sunday morning will be guaranteed a wristband for the weekend.  I hope we can all work together so everyone can to see their child swim.  LASTLY, PLEASE DO NOT WALK OFF WITH THE WRISTBANDS, WE WILL NEED THESE FOR EVERY SESSION THIS WEEKEND.  WE WILL NOT GET REPLACEMENTS.
PLEASE NOTE – Team Seating.  All teams will be able to sit on deck for Friday’s sessions.  On Saturday and Sunday ALL TEAMS will be sitting in the gymnasium.  We will have volunteers announcing the upcoming events so that your swimmers will not miss their races.  We will only be allowing swimmers to come down on deck two (2) events in advance to allow for them to warm-up and prepare for their race.  At the conclusion of their race they may swim down but then must return to the gym. Swimmers placing in the top 3 of their race may stay to receive their award.  Please make sure your swimmers have footwear and towels when traveling to and from the pool.
Attire: Yellow shirts on Fri and Sat, Blue on Sunday.  White Piranha caps all weekend.
Emergency #:
860-685-2915, please note this is a deck phone that is not always answered
11/12 Stroke 200’s and 11/O 400IM: 3:00pm Warm-up 3:45pm Start, Volunteers: NONE
8 and Under 5:45pm Warm-up 6:30pm Start, Volunteers: NONE
Saturday and Sunday:
9/10 and 11/12 Swimmers: 8:00am Warm-up 9:00am Start, Volunteers: 2 TIMERS EACH DAY GOOGLE DOC
13/14 and 15-18 Swimmers: 2:00pm Warm-up 3:00pm Start, Volunteers: NONE

CT Age Group Championships
Another great meet for the Piranhas!!   The 11 swimmers who took part in this year’s Age Groups walked away with 33 life-time best times.  Max Scalise (50, 100 free, 100 back and 50 fly), John Frankowski (50 free, 100 back and 200 back) and Krystos Yika-Nacarino (200 breast) made it to finals (top 20 in each event).  Along with Andrew Rodrigues they teamed up for a 6th place finish in the 200 freestyle relay.  The Piranha Age Group Team was rounded off by Halle and Gracie Spataro, Tam Hao-Nguyen, Kendall Luecke, Alex Khilko, Emerson Langeveld and Harry Fitzpatrick.  

Blue vs Yellow Meet of Champions, Wed, March 22nd
The excitement level was high at the final Blue vs. Yellow Meet of the season. Races were fierce and competition was strong as the Yellow team edged the Blue team by 25 points.  (Who won the team Cup?  You must come to the banquet to find out!)
Individual Top 3 Finishes Girls 8 & Under 25 Yard Backstroke:  1st Caleigh Lane, 2nd Ilse Fedoronko and 3rd Penny Vanovitch.  Boys 8 & Under 25 Yard Backstroke:  1st Oskar Sulkowski, 2nd David Ritchie and 3rd Ryan Bodick.  Girls 9 & 10 50 Yard Backstroke: 1st Emerson Langeveld, 2nd Elizabeth Parent and 3rd Talia Azous. Boys 9 & 10 50 Yard Backstroke:  1st Michael Frankowski, 2nd Alex Crawley and 3rd Neil Chaudhari.  Girls 11 & 12 50 Yard Backstroke:  1st Sophia Karidas, 2nd Maryan Guzman and 3rd Helen Zhou.  Boys 11 & 12 50 Yard Backstroke:  1st John Frankowski, 2nd Andrew Rodriguez and 3rd Bryant Quispe. Girls 13 & Over 50 Yard Backstroke:  1st Anna Carey.  Girls 8 & Under 25 Yard Breaststroke:  1st Jamie Spataro and 2nd Sheehan McAuliffe.  Boys 8 & Under 25 Yard Breaststroke: 1st David Ritchie, 2nd Brandon Yao and 3rd Scott Luecke.  Girls 9 & 10 50 Yard Breaststroke:  1st Emma Crawley, 2nd Emmy Brennan and 3rd Salma Thomas.  Boys 9 & 10 50 Yard Breaststroke:  1st Felix Absolonne and 2nd Ethan Lublin.  Girls 11 & 12 50 Yard Breaststroke: 1st Brianna Zhang, 2nd Emily Kalvaitis and 3rd Ella Wadleigh.  Boys 11 & 12 50 Yard Breaststroke:  1st Khrystos Yika-Nacarino, 2nd Alex Khilko and 3rd Finn Kern. Boys and Girls 13 & Over 50 Yard Breaststroke:  1st Eli Brennan and 1st Angelica Yika-Nacarino.  Girls 8 & Under 25 Yard Butterfly:  1st Findley Ernst.  Boys 8 & Under 25 Yard Butterfly:  1st Colby Comfort and 2nd Brandon Yao.  Girls 9 & 10 50 yard Fly:  1st Brooke Bodick, 2nd Yashika Sharma and 3rd Emma Crawley.  Boys 9 & 10 50 Yard Fly:  1st Felix Absolonne and 2nd Mateusz Zalewski.  Girls 11 & 12 50 yard Fly:  1st Maryan Guzman, 2nd Helen Zhou and 3rd Lily Voigt.  Boys 11 & 12 50 Yard Fly:  1st Max Scalise, 2nd John Frankowski and 3rd Denis Proskuryakov.  Girls 8 & Under 25 Yard Freestyle:  1st Caleigh Lane, 2nd Ilse Fedoronko and 3rd Penny Vanovitch.  Boys 8 & Under 25 Yard Freestyle:  1st Oskar Sulkowski, 2nd Ryan Bodick and 3rd Colby Comfort.  Girls 9 & 10 50 Yard Freestyle: 1st Emerson Langeveld, 2nd Brooke Bodick and 3rd Salma Thomas.  Boys 9 &10 50 Yard Freestyle: 1st Michael Frankowski, 2nd Neil Chaudhari and 3rd Ethan Phelps.  Girls 11 & 12 50 Yard Yard Freestyle:  1st Sophia Karidas, 2nd Ariana Milewski and 3rd Emily Kalvaitis.  Boys 11 & 12 50 Yard Freestyle:  1st Max Scalise, 2nd Andrew Rodriguez and 3rd Alex Khilko.  Girls 13 & Over 50 Yard Free: 1st Anna Carey, 2nd Angelica Yika-Nacarino and 3rd Emily Kieran-Mendez.  Boys 13 & Over 50 Yard Freestyle:  1st Eli Brennan. 1st place
Relays:  In the Girl’s 10 & Under 100 Yard Freestyle Relay the Yellow Team of Emerson Langeveld , Salma Thomas, Emmy Brennan and Brooke Bodick.  In the Boy’s 10 & Under 100 Yard Freestyle Relay the Blue Team of Felix Absolonne, Neil Chaudhari, Ben Carey and Alex Crawley. In the Girl’s 11 & Over 200 Yard Freestyle Relay, The Yellow Team of Anna Carey, Denisse Salazar, Lily Voigt and Sophia Karidas.  In the Boy’s 11 & Over 200 Yard Freestyle Relay the Yellow Team of
Max Scalise, Eli Brennan, Christian Davidson and Andrew Rodriguez.
Congratulations to all Piranha swimmers who competed in the Meet of Champions and thank you to all of the parents who were timers or helped at the party.

Intrasquad # 1 – Yellow 158 – Blue 151
Intrasquad #2 – Blue 148 – Yellow 125
Intrasquad #3 – Blue 162 – Yellow 150
Intrasquad #4 MEET OF CHAMPIONS – March 22nd
blue team roster 2016          yellow-team-2016-17-2

Swim Meet Google Doc Sign-up Sheets 

3/24-3/26 – YMCA Northeastern All-Start Meet @ Wesleyan – ***All Piranha 18 & under qualifiersEntry

5/13 – CDOG Meters Meet @ Cheshire – Poseidon, Neptune, Junior I, II and Senior – Entry Deadline 4/2GOOGLE DOC

5/13 – SMST Yards Meet @ Masuk High School – Nautilus and Maia – Entry Deadline 4/2GOOGLE DOC

5/20 – Sharks Yards Distance Meet @ Westhill High School – Senior and Junior I – Entry Deadline 4/2GOOGLE DOC

6/2 – Wilton Distance Meet @ Wilton YMCA – Senior, Junior I & II, Poseidon, Neptune – Entry Deadline 4/11 – GOOGLE DOC

6/2 – ZEUS 9/Under Yard Meet @ Norwalk High School – All 9/Under Piranhas – Entry Deadline 4/11 – GOOGLE DOC

6/3-6/4 – OMNI Meet @ Yale University – All Piranhas – 12/Under Sat only, 13/O Sat&Sun – Entry Deadline 4/11 – GOOGLE DOC

6/8 – WRAT 9/Under Yard Meet @ Westport YMCA – All 9/Under Piranhas – Entry Deadline 4/11 – GOOGLE DOC

6/23-6/25 – YMCA LC State Meet @ Brookfield – All Piranhas – Entry Deadline 4/11 – GOOGLE DOC
(Friday – 15-18’s, Sat 12/Unders, Sun 13/14’s)

7/14-7/16 – RYWC Last Chance Meet @ Brookfield – All Piranhas – Entry Deadline 4/11 – GOOGLE DOC


2017 March 9 – April 15 Calendar

2017 Summer Practice Schedule Apr 17-June 18 TENTATIVE

2017 Summer LC Meet Schedule – TENTATIVE
Printer Friendly 2017 Summer Meet Schedule


Spirit Wear Sale
NEXT sale TUESDAY, Apr 4th 2017, Y Community Room, 5 – 6:30 pm
Please bring your swimmer to be fitted for a swimsuit and any other gear needed.  All gear (except caps ) will be by order with the hope that all will be delivered by early May.  Credit cards and checks only please.
Parent volunteers are needed for the sale.  Please contact Mary McCarthy if you can help for part, or all, of the sale.


USA OFFICIALS – New and Re-certification for Stroke & Turn
Clinics will be posted as they become available.

2016 Piranha Directory is now available. Contact Mary McCarthy for a digital file copy.

Follow “PIRANHASWIMCT” on Instagram.

Signs and symptoms of concussions for athletes and parents/guardians
Concussion information for all coaches, swimmers and parents.

Olympians!  2/12
Darien Times article
Gold medalists Maya DiRado and Josh Davis were on hand at the Darien YMCA to conduct a swim clinic Sunday, February 12th.    All swimmers who attended received a free t-shirt, had the opportunity to ask questions, took pictures and got autographs from both Josh and Maya, and even participated in an in-water clinic with both.  We have a few extra autographs for those kids who couldn’t attend.  Please email your request to Mary or Henk.  This is while supplies last.